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Fascinating Fens brings people together to explore and promote the fens through heritage, creativity, nature, wellbeing and accessibility.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Bringing people together who have an interest in the fens
  • Exploring your local area of the fens can bring a sense of place, which can be important in wellbeing
  • Exploring nature, heritage and creativity linked to the fens can improve wellbeing

‘Through these events, I’ve loved finding out about my local area, I’ve got the bug to find out more.’

Karen introduces Fascinating Fens

Most of Fascinating Fens activities / events are free.

Fascinating Fens provides various events and projects helping people to explore the fens including: Fen Folks Fridays, Celebrate the Fens Day, adult/children colouring projects and fen calendar competitions.

This project has received grant funding  from Healthy Fenland.

two footprints one blue on purple and green with the words healthy Fenland Grant Fund

Some activities and events can be attended by making a donation.

See their Facebook page or website to find out more.


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