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YMCA Trinity Group provide a range of mental health services for young people via schools and local organisations.

YMCA Trinity Group  provides

  • counselling,
  • play therapy,
  • awareness workshops,
  • young people’s campaigns,
  • assemblies,
  • staff and parent training,
  • reflective supervision.

Visit their website for more information.


Online resources and webinars for parents and staff on a variety of topics.

1 to 1 counselling and therapy for all ages 5+ including adults (referrals via organisations not self-refer)

Mentoring programmes

Staff Training and Parent workshops

Reflective supervision for staff

Whole school wellbeing consultations and support with assessing needs

Student workshops and group work

*Please contact them directly for more information.*

YMCA Trinity Group’s Mental Health Services were designed to offer schools and partners a range of services to improve the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of young people in their care.

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