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The Expert On Myself (TEOM) is a Community Interest Company in Cambridgeshire, helping people speak and organisations listen. It creates opportunities for people to educate professionals about the issues that affect them, with expertise coming from lived experience.

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TEOM was set up to help organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to be more inclusive and listen more carefully to potential employees, customers and clients. TEOM connects people with lived experience with organisations that would like to use their expertise to inform their projects, policies and practices.

If you are someone with lived experience of disability, neuro diversity or mental/physical illness and would like to share your experiences to help others, then TEOM would like to hear from you.

If you are an organisation that would like to be more inclusive, then TEOM can provide you with advice, training and consultancy. For example they can help to make your policies and documents more accessible, or give guidance on how to set up supported employment positions for staff who would otherwise be excluded from the workplace.

Consultancy services and training to promote accessibility and inclusion are fee-based, depending on the type and size of organisation.

If you have lived experience you’d like to share, you can contact TEOM and they will train you for free or pay you for your time.

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