Parent and Carers of Neurodiverse Children Peer Support Group

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This weekly peer support group is aimed at parents & carers of children with a neurodiversity and meets in term time. It's a chance to connect with other people with similar challenges and also connect with professionals who can support in accessing other services.

Meet Susan and Tracy:

What to Expect:

The group meets at Peckover House, North Brink Wisbech in the Reed Barn every Monday during term time. It is advised that you contact Tracy and let her know you plan to attend; Tracy will be happy to answer any questions and arrange to meet you when you arrive. You will be met at the side gate.

If it’s your first time you will receive a warm welcome from the attendees and once settled with a seat and a tea or coffee you will be asked to read the  group agreement and complete a registration form. The other members will be happy to introduce themselves.

The first half of the meetings tend to be either people introducing themselves and sharing their experiences. Members offer mutual support and, along with the Social prescribers and SEEN team, will signpost members to other support and services if needed.

More information: 

This is a peer support group for Parents of children with Neurodiversity such as Autism, Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).   The aim is that parents and carers going through the complex pathway can support each other and share information and experiences. Your child does not need a formal diagnosis for you to be able to attend.

This group has been created though the joint working of the SEEN Team and the Wisbech social prescribing team with the aim of signposting and referral to other organisations for the best outcomes for families. There is also an emphasis on well-being for parents and carers.  Activities during term time may include sessions on yoga or meditation.  Whilst in the school holidays the group hopes to organise events for the whole family such as Easter egg hunts and croquet on the lawn.

This group will develop with the ideas, feeling and wishes of those attending at the heart, and so activities may vary as the year goes on.

There are toilets in the building and the closest parking is in the Harecroft Road Rugby Club a short walk from Peckover House. Peckover House has accessible ramps if needed for wheelchair users.

The group has been kindly supported by the National Trust and Peckover House.

This group is free to attend.

Walking into Peckover House:

How to contact

Where to go

National Trust - Peckover House and Garden
North Brink
PE13 1JR Wisbech

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