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This website, H.A.Y. Fenland, is all about local support. Mental health care looks different for all of us - you might find the support you need in this section of the site, or you might find something in the activities section that gives you the wellbeing boost you need.

Meet Jack, the local coordinator for How Are You Fenland:

How Are You (H.A.Y.) Fenland is a website that introduces you to local resources that are good for wellbeing; both activities and support. We also know that going somewhere new as a adult can be quite a daunting experience, with so many unknowns. We try to introduce you to activities and services by giving you information about “What to expect” and also try to include introduction videos and ‘walk in’ videos so that you can ‘get to know’ the activity before you attend.

What to Expect from How Are You: 

You may have been contacted by the team directly, or maybe you have contacted the team through facebook or bumped into a member of the team at a local event. Following the initial conversation a coordinator will arrange a virtual meeting or to come and visit you face to face. At the first meeting we will tell you all about the history of H.A.Y., the work we have been doing over the last few years and demonstrate the How Are You website, in case you need to use if to help signpost someone else. We will also link you in with other groups or organisations that may be able to support you and your club, or introduce you to other networking opportunities.

Following the introduction meeting we may ask you to complete a form so that we can list your activity or group on the How Are You Fenland website. Once we have the form we will input this into our system, along with any photos or videos you have asked us to use. If you need support with the form, or in taking photos or videos we will be happy to come along, complete the form with you, try your activity and help with recording videos.

This website brings together everything in the local community that is good for mental wellbeing.

Here is a video showing you how to use the H.A.Y Fenland Website:

We’re always looking for new activities, group and clubs to add to the H.A.Y Fenland website.  If you would like your activity listed free you can contact us here.

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