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Evolve (formerly Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling) is a charity providing affordable 1:1 counselling for adults in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. They subsidise support from qualified & experienced counsellors when needed for those on lower incomes or who are unwaged.

It’s good to talk. Most people will suffer from mental distress at some point in their lives. Counselling support can prevent this from becoming a more serious mental health problem and help people to manage their emotional responses to life’s challenges so that they do not seriously impact their lives. Counselling can give people the skills and confidence to make changes to improve their situation and take responsibility for their actions.

Counselling can help people suffering from a wide variety of problems; including anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship tensions, sexual abuse, critical or chronic illness, disability, life changes and many more.

“My counsellor made me feel safe, respected and listened to. I was really worried about coming for counselling, but she couldn’t have done more to help me relax and get out of the big black hole I had got myself in.”

“I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I needed some help. My counsellor was fantastic. I still have dark days but counselling has really helped get my life back on track. I would advise anyone to try it.”

Individual counselling sessions are provided on an ‘pay as you go’ basis, with clients being assessed on their ability to pay according to their gross annual income (personal not household). Evolve tops up the remainder of the payment as their charitable contribution to ensure that those on lower incomes or who are unwaged can access high quality professional support.

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If you employer is willing to pay for your counselling, they should contact [email protected]

Individual counselling takes place at various locations throughout Fenland; contact Evolve to find out more.

Evolve also provides training and workshops on various mental health topics to organisations.

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