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The u3a provides opportunities for those that no longer work to come together to learn and have fun. There are around 30 groups run by the u3a for those living in Wisbech and surrounding villages.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It’s an opportunity for those missing companionship to join and connect with others
  • It’s a chance to spend time with other like-minded people
  • It helps give you a sense of purpose

‘The Wisbech u3a now has a 160 members that are attending activities that are helping fill the gap that no longer working has left in their lives, and filling it with meaningful activities.‘ – u3a committee member

What to expect

You are welcome to attend the monthly open meeting to find out more about the u3a. On entry you will be signed in, and one of the committee will be happy to speak to you about the u3a and introduce you to other members. The committee can usually be identified by the blue sashes and they will actively look for new faces to ensure they are welcomed and befriended. No one need fear coming along and having no one to talk to.

The open meetings are usually introduced by the Chair of the u3a, who will read out any notices and then introduce the guest speaker. Once the first guest speaker has finished there will be time for a cuppa and chat with other members.

If you decide to sign up you can complete the necessary forms and pay the modest yearly membership fee.

Once you are a member you are free to sign up to any groups or activities that may be of interest to you. These are held in a variety of local venues around Wisbech.

More Information

The u3a is a international charity that creates opportunities for people who no longer work to learn and have fun with other people in their local community. There are more than 1000 u3a groups across the UK. The groups are aimed at retired people or those not in fulltime employment.

The u3a aims to support those who may be missing the companionship of work, the bereaved, or those who may have moved into a new area, to connect with others and relieve feelings of loneliness and isolation whilst learning a few hobbies and skills, or sharing your own interests with others.

The Wisbech Branch of the u3a was formed over 12 years ago and currently has around 160 members. However, it would love to welcome more!

There activities and special interest groups are quite diverse and cater for a wide range of leisure, social and educational interests.  There include book club, bridge, canasta, chess, foodies, French, knit and natter, mahjong, nature and wildlife, photography, recorders, scrabble, shuffleboard, singing for pleasure, strollers, theatre, ukulele, walkers, and watercolours. For the current list, see this page.

If you have an interest or skill that you would like to follow, develop, or share with others then there are opportunities to get involved with the running of activities as well as just participating.

If you would like more information you can visit the u3a website. If you have any questions you can contact the committee members via the website who will be happy to answer queries.

Potential new members can attend their first open meeting for free to see if they would like to join.

Most activities are free once you have paid your yearly membership.

There is a small yearly fee to become a member.

Most activities are free to attend, but some groups such as Luncheon & Theatre club may have a fee.

The open meetings are held at St Peters Hall in Wisbech:

How to contact

Where to go

St Peter's Church
Church Terrace
PE13 1BW

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