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Wisbech Phab Club is a social club for people with disabilities held at the Oasis Centre. They are affiliated to Phab UK and there are clubs all over the country which organise activities, events and trips out for their members.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Members can choose for themselves what they want to do.
  • They can meet new people and make new friends.
  • Members can be signposted to other support to enable them to make more of life together.

‘I started Phab with shyness, but then I gained more friends. I tried out new fun activities and have gained confidence and more independence.

Now I am the secretary and I have learned to believe in myself. I enjoy helping other members and the volunteers. I hope the club stays open for a long time’ Kerry – Phab Secretary

Meet Carol and Kerry from Wisbech Phab club:

What to expect: 

You don’t need to book to attend the Phab club, and you don’t have to attend every week. If you have any questions or worries you are welcome to give Carol a ring beforehand. The first session will be free and you can decide if you would like to join the club.

The Oasis centre is fully accessible and new members are shown round the building. They use two rooms consisting of the main Hall and a smaller room for the Bingo. Each room will have a different activity running in them, however you are welcome to just sit and chat to other members if you wish. They try to organise music and entertainment from time to time.

There is another room anyone can use if they want a quiet space or help with anything confidential.

There is parking on site and an overflow car back at the side of the building.

The Phab club will do all they can to support people with transport and use the local community transport to bring members from March who can’t access transport.

More Information: 

The Phab club has been operating and run with Carol for the last 40 years. It provides activities, events and day trips to its members. The Phab club is inclusive of people who have a disability and try to include activities that all members can participate in if they wish.

To join the Phab club there is a membership form which includes contact details, medical issues such as allergies or seizures, and details of your next of kin in the event of an emergency.

They also ask if you are ok with photos and videos being shown on their Facebook page or website.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can contact Carol who will be happy to give them more information. Volunteers will need to fill in a DBS form as our members are vulnerable adults.

Here’s what Members had to say:

First visit to the club is free as a taster session.

Volunteers get free membership and DBS check.  Carers supporting members on a trip get free tickets or entry to events.

There is a yearly membership fee which is usually paid in January and July, however this can be paid in instalments.

There is small charge for certain activities (eg bingo) and for refreshments, but these are kept as low as possible and are on a non profit basis. All money raised goes back into the club for its members.

Walking into the Oasis Centre:

How to contact

Where to go

The Oasis Community Centre
St Micheals Avenue Wisbech Cambs PE133MR

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