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Bat and Chat is a weekly get together in Whittlesey for a game of social table tennis, to chat to other people or just sit and have a cuppa. These free sessions are run by the chair of Whittlesey Table Tennis Club.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It gets you out of the house to do some physical activity
  • It is great to socialise with others and feel less lonely
  • You will meet friendly people who are accepting and non-judgmental

‘Everyone I met at Bat and Chat was really friendly. Everyone said hello and made me feel welcome.’

Meet Peter from Bat and Chat:

What to expect?

You do not need to book a space, just drop in. You can come for the whole session or just drop in and leave when you are ready.

Bat and Chat is held in the Christian Church in Whittlesey. There is free parking at the back of the building. You enter the room through the back entrance of the Church.

You will receive a warm greeting from Peter and the other members.  They will show you where everything is and where you can get a  drink from.

Bat and Chat is attended  by a mix of men and women.

There are two Table Tennis tables set up if you would like to have a social game, and seating around the room if you would rather have a drink and chat.  There is usually a break half way through the session for refreshments and to talk to each other.

There are toilets in the building.

More information

Bat and Chat is a Table Tennis England initiative.

These social ping pong sessions are open to anyone of any ability or background.


It’s free to attend bat and chat.

Refreshments are provided for free.

Some members bring biscuits.

You are welcome to make a donation but this is not expected.

Occasionally other social activities may be organised.

Here is how to get into Bat and Chat:

How to contact

Where to go

Whittlesey Christian Church
Broad Street
Peterborough,PE7 1HA UK

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