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Viva la Voce are singers who want to do more than just sing in the shower. You choose to sing great songs you love: exciting, energetic, soothing, meaningful, wild, provocative or just plain weird. Linda will help you get the best out of your voice.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it helps a person feel they belong to a group and they are truly inclusive, everyone is welcome and anything is possible.
  • it helps boost self esteem and confidence.
  • it helps people to be socially active, make friends and being in the company of like minded people.


Run by LEADA, a creative dramatic arts organisation, Viva La Voce members discover their voices through vocal techniques and fun activities designed to get them listening, tuning in, harmonising, projecting and feeling more confident about the way they sing. You don’t need experience, be able to read music or audition.

You determine your progress:

♪ Choose music you like to sing
♪ Experience music you’ve never tried before
♪ Sing with others who want to sing
♪ Make new friends
♪ Gain vocal skills
♪ Develop techniques
♪ Sing harmonies
♪ Get rhythm
♪ Create new music
♪ Get confident
♪ Sing in groups, trios, duets and solo
♪ Be prepared to laugh a lot!


Introduction into Viva La Voce:

LEADA offers a taster session for free.

More info on Viva La Voce:

Membership fees are payable per half term.

See their website for more details.

LEADA occasionally organise additional trips and masterclasses which may be chargeable.

LEADA are a Community Interest Company which means everything they do is for the PEOPLE in their COMMUNITY.
Any profits they make go back into the funds for Creative Dramatic Arts projects for the benefit of local people.

How to contact

Where to go

Queen Mary Centre
Queens Road

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