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The Bee Mindful Hive is a group aimed at allowing space for community members to get together and do some mindful practices including arts, crafts, meditation, wellbeing and much more. Their sessions currently run in various locations in March.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it provides a space for people in the community to get together and reduce isolation
  • mindful meditation brings peace and relaxation which is great for both mind and body
  • art, crafts and music can be great for the soul and also allow one to express creative energy. It’s a great way to relax and meet new people to share ideas

‘Well done on your first event I can see this growing from strength to strength and a benefit to the whole community. Once again well done.’ Attendee

‘We had a lovely time crafting, it really helped me relax a little, thank you so much. And it was lovely to meet you. ☺️ x’ – Attendee

What to expect

The Bee Mindful Hive organises a range of creative activities with the aim of engaging with the community in hopes of building a stronger, healthier network of support.

There are a variety of activities twice a month, based in March, Cambridgeshire. More information about the venue, dates and times are published on The Bee Mindful Hives Facebook page.

The Bee Mindful Hive prefer you to book onto sessions via telephone or email, to ensure they can cater for the right amount of people. You can also cancel your space should you need to.

The sessions are held at numerous venues so to suit a variety of needs. All groups are held at venues with parking and wheelchair-friendly access points.

Clothing is casual and relaxed. Sessions vary, so adapt your clothing for the specific activity. All equipment, including aprons for activities such as crafts, will be provided unless stated beforehand. They also provide mats for meditation classes.

More information

Bee Mindful Hive is a non-profit group and works with volunteers who help to support others with activities.

Any charges and donations go towards equipment and future sessions to make the group sustainable.

The group tries their best to use ecologically friendly, recyclable and natural products where possible.


There is a small charge per session, but the group aims to keep this as low as possible. Please contact them for up-to-date pricing.

How to contact

Where to go

St.Peter’s Church
High Street

The FE centre
Pe15 8sd

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