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Shedders and Fixers is a group based on the "Men's Shed" concept in Wisbech, but is open for men and women. You can come and learn the skills that people have to share, share your own skills or just have a coffee and a chat.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Encourages communication with new people
  • Promotes activity by learning new skills
  • Keeps your mind busy and connect with others

You are never too old to learn something new’ – Shedders and Fixers Attendee

Meet Shedders and Fixers:

What to Expect

They currently open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All adults are welcome and there’s no need to book. You will need to complete a membership form. Once this is completed you will be required to be inducted on how to use the equipment, to ensure that you are using it safely.

There is free parking a the Secret Garden. Toilets are available.

Sally is the Secretary and you are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome from her, the other committee members and the other attendees.

There are a range of tools and equipment, you will have a safety induction so that you can use all the machinery safely and if you’re unsure you can ask others what the best way of doing things are.

More Information

Shedders and Fixers is based on the concept of a “men’s shed”, but is open to people of any gender. You can come along to the workshop to learn new skills, teach other people the skills you have, or use the various tools to work on your own projects.

This group runs on a membership basis. Being a member enables you to use their facilities and equipment (following induction) in the wood, metal or craft areas during our opening times. This also includes tea/coffee/biscuits from the kitchen shed. They have several events and gatherings included this year planned for their members. Many of their members are experienced experts in their chosen field and are only too happy to help you with your own projects.

Whilst there is a membership fee, there are some free resources:

  • Trial session
  • Online tasters
  • Facebook community

Some members of Shedders and Fixers and the committee occasionally run workshop. These in inhouse run workshops are usually free to attend.

Shedders and Fixers has a yearly membership fee. You can sign up either with a paper form available from Shedders and fixers or online via their website.

They also invite other artist and crafts people in to run workshop, these may include a fee to attend.  Please check their Facebook group or website for upcoming workshops.

Walking in to Shedders and Fixers:


How to contact

Where to go

The Secret Garden Touring Park
Mile Tree Lane
PE13 4TR

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