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The Polish Supplementary School's vision is to teach Polish language to children of Polish origin and to help them understand, celebrate and share their cultural heritage with the wider British community. The School is held in the Rosmini Centre in Wisbech.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • by learning Polish language and culture, children can connect with family members and relatives;
  • teaching children about their identity gives them a feeling of being accepted and valued;
  • co-operating and sharing skills through performances, activities and events helps children to integrate with the wider community and ‘give something back’.

‘Great atmosphere and great fun for our children’ – Parent of attendee

What to expect: 

The school is run by Monika & Mairiola, who do it voluntarily to support the community.  The school has been operating for 15 years in Wisbech.

Children are welcome to attend from the age of 6.

The school day is broken down into sessions that  last an hour, these cover topics such as language skills, cultural and heritage, arts & crafts, music and maths. The first time you take your child you will need complete a registration form.  The sessions usually run on a Saturday from 9am until 2pm.

Parents are welcome to stay as extra volunteers are always welcome, however parents do not have to stay if they do not wish to. Children will need to bring their own food. All equipment is provided by the school.


More information:

If you would like your child to attend you will need to book them a place. You can do this by contacting the school via phone or email.

The sessions are held in the Rosmini Centre.

There is a yearly fee per student.  You can pay the membership fee upfront or you can pay monthly.  Please check for up to date pricing.

The Polish School is based at the Rosmini Centre:

How to contact

Social media

Where to go

Rosmini Centre 69a Queens road Wisbech Cambridgeshire PE13 2PH

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