March Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club CIC

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March Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club CIC aims to provide safe, friendly and informal places for veterans to ‘return to the tribe’ - regain a sense of belonging and enjoy breakfast together in the company of other past and current members of the Armed Forces.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It can help give back some of the feeling of ‘belonging’ veterans lose when they leave service
  • It provides camaraderie with people who have had similar experiences
  • It is a place where you can find the help and support needed specific to people in the Armed Forces

“The breakfast club is a chance to discover like minded serving and veteran colleagues who have trained with the same type of discipline that makes us who we are, and allows us all to understand the problems that armed conflict causes on our minds and bodies; meeting together at breakfast clubs gives us that release by talking about our experiences that only the armed forces will truly understand.”



Dave talks about why he enjoys coming to the breakfast club:

The national Armed Forces & Veteran’s Breakfast Club provides an umbrella of support for all of the locally-run and organised clubs; the information here is for the one in March, though you can find clubs in other areas on the national website.

The Armed Forces & Veteran’s Breakfast Club aims to facilitate links between the local clubs and the main support agencies for veterans, to allow clubs to signpost veterans in need to support agencies when necessary. It is the formal face of the Clubs which allows them to talk to the MoD and other agencies from a common outlook and more.

To find out more: ring the venue – Cassanos Restaurant – and they will pass on a message to Jeff Walters: 01354 652 309.

Armed Forces & Veteran’s Breakfast Clubs are open to any past and serving member of HM Forces and their immediate family members. The oldest member of the March Club is 97! It is free to join the club, there are no subscription or other fees and no commitments.

Attendees pay for their own breakfast but this is a small amount, with unlimited tea and coffee. However, if you need assistance with this please talk to Jeff.

Occasionally trips are organised; funds raised from raffles and other sources are used to reduce costs.

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