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Based in March JGNXTGEN provide sessions that implement a core foundation of boxing skills. Whether it be children or adults, they tailor every session for the attendees. Their main aim is to help the local community improve their mental and physical health

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • the sessions can help reduce stress
  • the culture of sharing can help with communication skills and encourage people to talk with others who will listen.
  • exercise releases endorphins, as does feeling a part of something

What to expect: 

To book a session please click here.

Once you drive up to the centre there will be plenty of places to park. The venue has disabled access. Enter via the main entrance to the community centre and either ask  the receptionist to show you the way or follow the corridors to reach the hall. Outside the hall are changing rooms and toilets. It is a good idea to bring water with you in a bottle.

Once you enter you will see coaches Paul Gill and James Nixon and sometimes Amy Gill to register you. Each session will include an introduction to JGNXGEN; who they are are and what they do. Their aim is to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

The sessions will include a warm- up (based on your ability), fun and games varying from session to session and then some boxing basics. The coaches will explain why we do the things we do to help you understand and learn valuable insights. Boxing isn’t about punching something, it’s about coordination, patience, timing, and communication. The aim is to make you feel confident in your own skin and feel like you can talk to them, leaving the sessions feeling empowered.

Wear clothing you would exercise in and that you feel comfortable in. Trainers are the best bet for footwear.


More information: 

JGNXTGENS sessions implement a core foundation of boxing skills which include learning how to stand in a boxing stance, how to throw punches, coordination, balance, discipline, footwork and how to defend yourself, alongside cardiovascular work and improving core strength, plus some other games to help improve communication and skills.

Around that the coaches encourage chats about how each other are feeling in general life, what your struggles are, how you cope etc to help understand that boxing and activity can be used as a positive outlet for mental health challenges no matter the age group.

Every session is tailored for the audience in front of them, working on skills appropriate for the group with the aim of improving both the mental and physical health of the local community.

They run a range of sessions which include:

  • Sessions for children and young people
  • Adult sessions 18+
  • Box and Brew for those over 50
  • Tailored sessions for those living with Parkinsons
  • Positive ambitions project (referral only).

To book a session please click here.

Sessions for under 18’s are free.

There is a small sessional fee for over 18’s.  Please check for up to date pricing.

One to one training can also be arranged for a fee.

How to contact

Where to go

The March Community Centre
Station Road

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