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Girl Guiding is a charity for girls and young women. It offers amazing opportunities and activities that give girls the chance to discover their potential and learn new skills.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it’s flexible and can fit around busy lifestyles
  • learn new skills for life
  • support for everyone

‘I love all the outdoor activities and camping and sleepovers. I think it’s great for our age because we haven’t grown out of all the silly and fun things yet.’

Heather, 13, Guide


More Information

Guiding girls have fun, adventure and the space to discover their potential

They go to their first ever sleepover, canoe on rivers, learn about body confidence, and lead their own camp. Or sometimes they simply have fun and try new things with friends.

Girl Guiding covers the following age groups:

Age 5 -7  – Rainbows

Age 7-10 – Brownies

Age 10-14 – Guides

Age 14-18 – Rangers

At Girlguiding, they want everyone to feel welcome and have an equal sense of belonging.  They value and celebrate the different experiences of our members. They are proud to welcome people from all backgrounds including disabled people, LGBTQ+ people, people of colour and those of all religions or philosophical beliefs and none.

Girlguiding are happy to welcome new volunteers.  For more details on volunteering click here.

What to expect

Parents of children who would like to attend one of the groups can sign up via the girl guiding website. Click here.

A child may be registered and parent gets to choose unit near their home (or other location) and the relevant age group. They will receive an automatic reply, and the unit leader of choice in notified at the same time and has 21 days to contact the parent, but most do it within a few days, letting parent know availability.

If you have any questions you can email the local group however the best way to sign up is using the sign up page on the Girlguiding website.

All groups have 2 free taster sessions.

Weekly subscription fees to help cover cost of activities and programmer resources

How to contact

Where to go

Guide and Scout HQ
Inhams Road
Peterborough PE7 1TT

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