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Getting it Sorted offer a range of activities that promote recycling and anti-littering in the community. Helping educate what can be recycled where and why by using fun games, art, social media, videos, talks, assemblies or any means to help the local community.

This activity is good for wellbeing because


  • Doing something good for the environment makes you feel good
  • Get to meet new people, make new friends
  • Learn or build on new skills

‘Doing good, does you good. I feel I am helping the whole community and the environment just by chatting to folks and playing games’


See more of one of the projects Getting it sorted Volunteers have been working on:

What to expect?

No prior experience is needed and everyone is welcome. You be will shown the recycling ropes. You just need to be willing to take part.



More information

There are also volunteering at home opportunities available.

All of their current events are free.  All events are posted on social media.

Free recycling Craft sessions:

  • All sorts together Every Thursday 4.15pm-5.15pm Oasis centre Wisbech
  • All sorts together Every Friday Queen Mary Centre Wisbech 3-5pm

Free online recycling course to adults in Cambridgeshire For more info click here

Taster sessions online or face to face email. For more info on events keep an eye on their social media accounts.

There are no paid for events.

Click here to get more of a flavour of this activity in the taster course:

How to contact

Where to go

UK (available throughout Fenland)

Queen Mary Centre
Queens Road
PE13 2PE

The Oasis Community Centre
Saint Michael's Avenue
PE13 3NR

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