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Christchurch Hobby and Craft Club is a friendly weekly group where you can take along a craft project that you're working on in the company of other people. The group meet in the Christchurch Community Centre and many members stay after for a light lunch.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it’s a chance to dedicate some time to your own art and crafts
  • it’s a chance to socialise and chat to other people, you’re welcome to stay for lunch after
  • you can learn new art forms from other members

What to expect

This group is friendly and relaxed, and they love to welcome new folk.

Members are encouraged to bring along any art/craft project that they are interested in. Presently, these include crochet, watercolour painting, drawing, knitting, cross stitch, lace making, diamond ‘painting’, keyring making, glass bottle painting. Some people will couple-up for a game of Backgammon or cards now and then.

If you don’t feel like crafting, the group also has some jigsaw puzzles that have been donated.

Some members are becoming interested in other people’s craft or hobby, and are trying something quite new to them.

After the group has finished, there is the option to pay a small additional fee and stay for a light lunch break. This gives members the chance to take a break from their chosen interest and mingle and socialise with others.

More Information

The group meet every Tuesday 10am – 1pm in the Village Hall (term time).

If you have questions before you attend you are welcome to contact Janet Harper on 07941 465319 or Pat Rigby on 07776 142642.

There is a membership fee that can be paid monthly or weekly for people that can’t commit to coming every week.

There is also a small charge for lunch.

For up-to-date details of cost, please contact the group by phone or email.

Walking into to Christchurch Community Centre:

How to contact

Where to go

Christchurch Community Centre
Upwell Road

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