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Singing for Breathing is a friendly and fun way for people with chronic lung health problems to learn to breathe better. The group meets weekly over Zoom to practice relaxation techniques and breath and vocal exercises, and sing songs together. New members are always welcome.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Singing helps you manage and make better use of your lung capacity;
  • Singing and vocalising can make you feel good – by releasing endorphins and lowering levels of cortisol;
  • You will become part of a friendly, supportive community of people who also live with breathing difficulties.

 ”The classes have helped my lungs and my voice feels much stronger now.”
“A wonderfully welcoming, inspiring and supportive class.”

An introduction from the group leader Kay and some regular participants:

This video was filmed prior to the pandemic when the sessions were held in person. The organisers hope to return to face-to-face sessions in the future.


What to expect

This group meets online every Thursday, facilitated by a friendly group leader trained in Singing for Lung Health. Each session begins with a half an hour catch-up and chat, before beginning the practical exercises.

The practical part of each session lasts for an hour. Starting with a guided relaxation, you will be led through a selection of breath, body and voice exercises, leading into singing two or three songs as a group. The leaders try to choose songs which will be easy to learn by ear and which will lift your spirits. Participants mute their microphones when singing, so you will only be able to hear yourself and the person leading.

More information

If you would like to join the sessions contact Mary at [email protected] for full, friendly instructions.

In order to take part you will need to have access to a device with Zoom downloaded onto it. For the sessions you should wear loose-fitting clothes, have some water to hand, and a supportive but comfortable place to sit.

Cambridge Singing for Breathing is a project of local community music charity, Talking in Tune.

The sessions are currently free to attend, due to grant funding.

Attendees can pay a small optional donation by bank transfer.

How to contact

Where to go

Available throughout Fenland

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